Pre-Ceremony and Ceremony
Pre-Ceremony and Ceremony





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These questions will tell me the important details about your wedding! Be sure to click submit so the form gets sent to me when you have filled out all of the details!

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Ceremony Venue, address and contact info:

Will you be seeing each other before the ceremony?

I usually end all photos a half hour before the ceremony begins. Would you like the photos to end any earlier and if so, at what time would you like pre-ceremony photos completed?

How long is the driving distance from getting ready location to ceremony location?
ceremony location:

Where will you and the bridesmaids be getting ready? (address, contact info)

Where will the groom and the grooms men be getting ready? (address, contact info)

If you are getting ready at the same location, would you like getting ready photos of the men?

Is your dress zip up, lace up corset or button up?

What location is the bride doing final preparation on the wedding day? (getting into the dress, hair and make up touch ups)