The Checklist
The Checklist



Here are some tips for your wedding day! The checklist will help the day flow smoothly, and some tips for things to remember!





I know you feel like you will be to nervous to eat, but trust me by the middle of the day you will want a snack. Plan something healthy and quick to eat before putting on your dress so you will feel refreshed and ready to walk down the isle.

Chances are I will be photographing your dress on a hanger. Be sure to bring one that will really compliment your dress instead of a boring plastic one.

Make sure and remind your ladies that it is most time efficient to bring an extra bag to toss belongings into after they are done getting ready. This helps make sure the transition from the ceremony location to the reception is time efficient.

If you don't have a wedding coordinator, I will be putting together a timeline for you based around the information you have given me. I will be sending you a copy, so be sure to look it over and make any adjustments needed. Plan at least 2 hours for hair and 1 hour for make-up.

the Checklist